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Rebra, Khanpur, Samastipur

Principal Message

" PRACTICE makes perfect ,develop a passion for LEARNING .If you do,you will never cease to GROW " I am proud to welcome you at A.Y.INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL where we are delivering international standard of education in the rural part of Samastipur. Right from its inception our school had made significant progress in teaching - learning practice. Quality and value based education are provided here. Importance is given to attitudinal change which culminates in moulding the behaviour of children. Our school represent a cross section of the society and is a rich blanket of multicultural diversity.

Children come to us from varied background but within school they learn to live together as one big family,create a newer and stronger bonds with each other that will last them a life time. We at this school are concerned about the need of the hour and are trying to prepare the children to be excellent human being,imbibed with high values,right attitude and motivating visions and enabling them to be life long learners especially in the areas of emotional,social and spiritual intelligence and make them daring to take the less travelled road. The innate capacity of the young mind is immeasurable. They can achieve unimaginable heights under right guidence and support. They just need a little prodding and encouragement to take that extra steps.

I am greatful to all the people for contributing their ideas and help during this endeavour to develop children. I hope the efforts of our school team will serve as a stepping stone towards the many milestones we have to cover in pursuit of excellence. Thank you Warm regards Principal

Director Message

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"I was impelled to start an educational institution in a rural area mainly because of disparity between the urban and rural areas specially with reference to education. Our teachers by virtues of their knowledge,skill,guidence and sympathy stimulate the interest of the students and inspire them to reach peaks of excellence. We strongly believe in innovative ideas and technology and brilliance. We think of how to engage students and make learning enjoyable by different programmes and activities.

We intend to educate our youth by offering our students a comprehensive education from nursery to Xth Our objective is to educate young mind and inculcate in them a spirit of humanity. Our priorities in education are not only scholastic excellence but also formation of youth in discipline,hardworking, moral and spiritual values . Stress is given on this aspect in order to produce true and better law abiding citizen of our nation. I would like to thank all the guardians who have reposed faith in our institution and the ideals stands for. Let me assure you your beloved child is in safe hand.

Our staffs understand the ethos of the school and help in guiding and encouraging the children. I am sure that children will make both you and us proud. The way we have been received by the society has given us added impetus and we look forward to your patronage and affection in larger measure in future as well. Thank you Warm regards Director

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